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Gillgrens quality process


In what environment should be the decoration and how do decor adapted to reinforce the core values that the store or the mall have? What is the budget for decor and work during the season or throughout the year? How and when should the offer presented and when should the decoration up and how long will this take? In case you get vandalism or other kinds of damage to the decor, how do routine maintenance like? When will the decoration down and where will the repository until the next time it will be up?

The decoration

Deliver decor, many companies, to deliver decoration suitable for the environment and users are fewer who can. To deliver good and inspiring decor, with simple suspension parts and assembly descriptions so that it comes in the right time, right place and clearly marked, it is few that can. Gillgrens has trained decorators who understand how important it is with all the details about the decoration and it is reusable, a knowledge that many advertising agencies unfortunately have not.


Let the professionals handle the job. We know how important it is with the handling of decor and we feel for how it can be hung or displayed together with the other environmental. We take into account fire alarms, sprinkler systems, cameras or motion alarm when we are working so that the decoration does not interfere with the systems or the like. When the decoration since going down, we know how important the handling and labeling so that it goes fast and easy the next time it will be up again.


The quality process is important in many respects, but we know that a correctly implemented process between us and you, the customer saves money and provides the best possible end result. We have many examples and lots of experience.